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Hi, I’m Alisha and I would love to be your City Council Representative for District 2. I’m from the Vail Ranch neighborhood where my husband, sons, and I have lived for 17 years. I own a business in Temecula called Hera Hub. It’s located in the business park.


Writing this introduction of myself to you has really taken me down memory lane and has me reflecting on all of the reasons I really love Temecula.


When we moved here 17 years ago, the only thing in the Vail Ranch Shopping Center was the Kohls. Now there is a Ross, Marshalls, and dining at Vail Headquarters which I love visiting -- especially on warm summer nights when I can eat outside and play cornhole. Every time someone visits me from out of town, I’m super excited to show off my city’s growth. 


Some of the most special memories I have include the tree lighting ceremony at the duck pond and cheering for my son's Pop Warner team, the Temecula Bears, as they walked in the annual Christmas parade in Old Town. These were especially meaningful to me as they were a comforting distraction when my husband was deployed during the holidays.


A lot of the things that I have enjoyed as a resident have been made possible because of decisions made by the city council and therefore, I have adopted the campaign slogan Moving Forward as a City. I want others to continue to experience the many things that my family has enjoyed in our town. I want to ensure that all Temeculans get to participate in these beautiful experiences.


To maintain the high quality of life we enjoy here in Temecula, we need to make sure that our kids and our parents aren’t priced out of the community that they call home. Housing and traffic go hand and hand therefore, these are two of my highest priorities. 


As a business owner, my goal is to support our local businesses. The recent pandemic has brought to light the need for leadership who is thinking ahead so that in the future, as unexpected tragedies befall California, our business community can count on their City Council to have the emergency plan and safety-net necessary for their survival. 


My love for this community and passion for civic engagement has led me to where we are today. I have been appointed to a Statewide public office by two Governors and so I know how important it is for us to appoint our people to boards and commissions. So many of my neighbors have so much to offer our city and our region. As someone who understands the various experiences lived by the people in our City, I will work to ensure that these experiences are reflected in the bodies that make decisions. From our youth, to our seniors, to our business owners -- I will use my government, business, and nonprofit experience to connect all Temeculans to the opportunities and pride that comes with public service. 


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