"Alisha has the heart of a public servant, she knows our community, she supports local businesses and does it in a way that produces results.  She is the right person for Temecula at the right time."

 – Supervisor Chuck Washington

"Alisha is a small business owner, military wife, and mom whose family has been part of the fabric of this community for nearly 20 years. Her experience and appreciation for our city’s history and traditions with a keen vision for moving forward is just what Temecula needs for times such as this."

 – Joan Sparkman

The Temecula 100


John Ambroziak
Patricia Ambroziak
Armando Ayala
Gabriel Ayala
Oscar Ayala
Dr. Alisha Bhatia 
Ricky Andy Bhatia 
Madeline Blake
Maureen Boncodin
Maria Cano
Stacy Carter
Marin  Christensen
Dr. Sandra Cox
Craig Dawson
Amy Denis
Garrett Denke
Noelle Denke
William Denke II 
William Denke III
Gabrielle Di Bernardo
Leah Di Bernardo
Eric Faulkner
Renee Faulkner
Luis Garcia
Julie Geary 
Stephen Harley
Brandy Hitzke
Ginger Hitzke
Madison Hitzke
Mikel Hodges
Georgina Juarez
James Justice
Dr. Patricia Justice

Austin Kekoa

Brandie KeKoa

Jean Kenney
Monica La Combe
Bill Lacey
Maleika Lacey
Gillian Larson
Ray Leonard
Chrisanya Love
Mary Jo Malone
Robin McCoy
Mike McCraken
Sales McCraken
Jennifer McHale
Matthew McHale
Alicia Milan
Erin Milan
Linda Munoz
Ricardo Munoz
Natalia Navarro
Rudy Navarro
Nasser Nemati, Ph.D.
Faith Nobles
Nkechi Odu
Remi Olmos
David Onate
Diana Parham
Joseph Parham
Eric Peoples
Patricia Prado-Olmos
Sally Price

Alisia Ramirez
Marco Ramirez
Jeimey Reyes

Ira Robinson

Carol Rodriguez
Frank Rodriguez
Bethany Rogers
Michelle Rotell
Dr. Lisa Sanchez
Stacie Savin
Cassandra Shorter
Jodi Silbermann
Buzz Siler
Sandi Siler
Renee Sims-Garcia
Kuldip Singh 
Sohan Singh 
Kathy Sizemore
Akili  Smith
Joan Sparkman
Joni Spinoso-Davis
Makenna Tempel
Marsha Tempel
Skylar Tempel
Steve Tempel
Dean Vazquez
Lauralyn Vazquez
James Vertovec
Dawn Washburn
Supervisor Chuck Washington
Kathy Washtington
Royce Wilkins
RyeZeir Wilkins
Denyse Wilson
Jordan Wilson
Steve Wilson
Lucy Zion


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